iNFO Dynamics Consulting was founded on September 2002 envisioned to be a major player in business consultancy in the north of the Philippines whose primary objective is to help organizations advance their technical business requirements in information technology (IT), business and financial analyses. Our consultants have in them years of experience in analysis, design, development, deployment and training of various business processes, which enhance operations and adapt to the increasing complexities of managing the business. Our focus has been in the business intelligence market, which has shown tremendous growth especially in information technology. Because  it  has  been  proven  that  corporate  data  solutions improve decision-making, reduce ownership cost and increase business profitability, we have put emphasis on this area to our clients.


Mission and Vision

It is the vision of  iNFO Dynamics Consulting to become the “only” advanced technical Consulting Company in the north of the Philippines, with services covering all facets of the business, from its inception in the feasibility study, setting up effective accounting system, financial statement preparation and its analysis, I.T. enabling, and helping clients comply with government regulations.

‘We will be an admired consultancy company that provides complete business solutions rooted from integrity, competency and loyalty. We believe that:
–    The  sustainability of  our  business  depends  on  our  ability  to  sustain  the business of our clients.
–    Our business is derived from our commitment to ensure that our clients are happy and satisfied with our services.
–    We are passionate to provide effective solutions that contribute to the growth of our client’s businesses.’