You need RexLite© Ordering System!

How does it works?  It is two-setup process that will make your food business faster and productive. An Android app residing on a tablet that is used for customer menu ordering and RexLite© server receiving all information from the Android app. It is an innovatively simple!


Initially, the Android app is used and the service crew will enter only username and password (see Figure 1.0) and everything is ready to go! Once validated the service crew (or better yet you let your customer) enters food menu choices and Submit it.


We designed our RexLite© System to be very user-friendly, even a beginner could easily understand the Android app ordering system in minutes. The main selection option is at the upper display of the tablet (see Figure 2.0), the category of food menu choices in 2nd upper display to make it easier to find your choices and lastly the food menus which can be selected in a single touch.


Are you aware of “sticky notes”? Of course you are, BUT you rarely thought about it because it is built-in into our Android mind!  Well, every food selection you make in the Android app has sticky notes so that everytime you move to another selected category it will remind you that you already have orders for such (see Figure 3.0) selection and even showing you how many did you ordered.


Figure 4.0

And after you made all your choice you could view it for final submission (see Figure 4.0). All you need to do is type your Name (or table number) and the RexLite© system will automatically print your order to the cashiering and/or kitchen for preparation. Simple?!? Yes we are done, it is very simple… and fast!

Innovation means productivity and we are the first to innovate, design and apply food industry systems. RexLite© Ordering System is tested and successfully deployed, so be the first to innovate or be left out.

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